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ECOC-Logo-2012The ECOC Exhibition is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibreoptic communication technology industry.


About Us

BP Office & Service SRL


is a Romanian private company, founded in 2002 and known as one of the representative companies for ICT market in Vrancea County, Romania.

Dynamic firm with extensive experience in the field SC BP OFFICE & SERVICE SRL, provides:

  • Integrated communications systems (data, voice, video);
  • VoIP telephony solutions;
  • ISP - Internet service provider;
  • Optical Communications Networks;
  • Web development, web sites and e-commerce solutions;
  • Remote video surveillance solutions with IP cameras;
  • Interactive kiosks type solutions.

All these activities involved designing systems, supplying necessary equipment (servers, computers, peripherals like printers, plotters, scanners, digitizers etc., communications equipment, etc.), installation, training customers and after-sales services (maintenance, warranty and post-warranty, providing spare parts and consumables, etc.).

BP OFFICE & SERVICE SRL provides these services using qualified personnel, ensuring that the products and services delivered to every customer are qualitatively similar to those offered by Western companies.Company business is 100% in Information and Communications Technology market and is in contact with all the major manufacturers. In order to cover a full range of services, our company always cooperates with various companies at home and abroad in pursuit of introduction of new technologies and upgrades.


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Contact us:

Tel: +40-237-610347

Fax: +40-374-091332

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