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ECOC-Logo-2012The ECOC Exhibition is the largest European optical communications event and the meeting place for everyone in the fibreoptic communication technology industry.

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Fiber To The Home Conference 2014


FTTH Council Conference took place this year in Stockholm, Sweden, on 18 - 20 February. All events were very interesting and ambience was great. In link below you can find the opening speech of Karin Ahl, President of FTTH Council Europe:

 "You can’t stop progress and you shouldn’t limit people’s ability to communicate. You shouldn’t limit their ability to connect. You shouldn’t limit their ability to create and innovate."

"Think about how we live and work now compared to how our parents and grandparents lived and worked. Our families are often spread out to all corners of the country, and sometimes across the globe. We are working longer hours, and with customers who may be in countries that wake up when we are going to sleep, and who go to sleep just as we are waking up.

The glue that keeps all this together and enables us to stay connected ... is the network. In an increasingly complex and demanding world, communication enable us to stay close even when we are far apart.."
(full speech: Karin Ahl Speech ).


In a market data research made at the end of 2013 Roumania seems to be ranked on 23 with about 99000 subscribers. Here you can found more info about FTTH/B european ranking, household penetration and more. So we have a lot of work to do (see folowing T-shirt). 


Next year the FTTH Conference will be held in Warsaw, Poland.

FTTH Council Conference Warsaw 2015

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